Supporting The Dales

Sue Gillman

Now, more than ever, our local businesses desperately need our support. Many are struggling after a year of on-and-off closures, along with the expense and upheaval of investing in the PPE and distancing measures needed to keep customers and staff safe. Our hardworking independent retailers, artisan makers and innovative service providers are the lifeblood of our communities. Without pubs, restaurants, galleries and specialist shops the Dales would be far poorer – in more senses than one. These businesses are a key part of what makes our beautiful corner of the country unique. They’re also a vital source of employment for local people. And it’s up to us to ensure they survive. From fine foods to floristry, homewares to healthcare, beauty treatments to bespoke furniture, virtually everything you could conceivably need is available locally – as you’ll see if you leaf through the advertisements in this magazine.

Bouncing Back

So as shops and services begin to re-open or scale up operations, let’s do all we can to keep our local entrepreneurs afloat. And there are plenty of ways you can help. Many restaurants and pubs have invested in comfortable outdoor eating areas, so book a table and enjoy dining out. Local caterers have expanded their ranges of food-to-go, so book yourself a takeaway or two every week. Plenty of other Dales retailers have introduced online ordering and click-and-collect services, and many offer free or low-cost delivery. Give them your custom instead of spending with the online giants who put nothing back into the community. And if you find local products and services that you like, give the businesses in question a boost by telling your friends and sharing your enthusiasm on social media. Hopefully by the time our Summer issue comes out the future will be looking rosier for everyone. Until then, stay safe… and spend local!

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Sue Gillman – Editor