Keeping It Between Ourselves

Sue Gillman

We often get feedback from visitors to the area. And one comment that comes up time and again is how much better Dales Life is than the free magazine they get at home. One reason for this, I’m sure, is the uncompromisingly high standards we set for our writing, photography and layouts. But there’s another – even more important – reason. Ever since we launched the magazine 30 years ago we’ve been 100% focused on the Dales. We write from a Dales perspective, about Dales people, Dales businesses and issues that Dales folk care about. As far as our readers are concerned we’re an indispensable part of their community.

We’ve always refused to promote businesses from outside our own beloved corner of the North. We’re determined to champion local businesses – even if it costs us revenue. It’s a policy we don’t intend to change, especially at a time when Dales entrepreneurs are facing unprecedented challenges. During the last 30 years, Dales Life has been the voice of the Dales. And that’s the way it’s going to stay.

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Sue Gillman – Editor